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The Only Medical Esthetics® Certification
I am Medical Esthetics Certified... (Specialist Member)
Medical Esthetics Certification®   Prep n Exam -CONTACT ASSOCIATION FOR OPEN CLASSES
This is ideal for the professional with experience desiring review pre exam- attendees have a 98% pass rate!
10am -2pm *ask about additional workshop available at host location
Internet LTD Special $985 w/manual Ltd Early Registration Internet Special $595 deposit secures your place & sends manual, $395 pd 2 weeks prior to exam.

Attn: Compl. Healthcare & Medical Professionals working or desiring to work in a medical spa/ medical practice or network, this is recomended by our network and team!

Medical Esthetics® Educational Program Highlights:

Comprehensive Programs - training focused for successful completion!
Understanding Prep including Skin Analysis
Recognizing Skin Conditions - Essential 4 Treatment Success!
Result-Focused Treatments - Customizing Treatments for Success!
Cutting Edge Technology - Essential 4 Practice Success!
Low Liability Approach - Your Key to Long Term Success

Medical Esthetics®
Study/Course Manual- Medical Esthetics(tm)230 pgs- $300 value
- Treatments, Techniques and Protocols Providing The Standard by Medical Esthetics
Chapters Include:
Medically Based Esthetics
Trt info on: Melasma, Acne, Rosacea & Aging Skin Conditions
Understanding AHA/BHA Peels
Business Considerations / The Importance of Certification
Scope of Practice / Equipping Your Practice
OSHA Concerns / The Lymph System
Choosing Skin Care Products / Ingredient Update
Skin Physiology and Anatomy / Evaluation of Skin Types
Serious Sun care / Skincare & Allergies / Peel Cautions /
pH & Peel ingredient charts
Microdermabrasion -contraindications, cautions
Therapeutic Skin Care for Cancer Patients
Light Based Therapies/IPL, LEDl
MediEsthetic Definitions & Abbreviations
Practice Forms & More for Your Practice Success!

This is your home study manual & prep for cert. exam
Medical & Esthetic Association has been training professionals for 32+ years! We have educated 69,500+ Professionals
Attending you can gain expenience & confidence-Class size is Limited for Enhanced Learning  "Certification is Essential & The Most Important Decision you will make on your career!" Dr. Gonzales
~Patients/ clients are only seeking certified professionals  ~State and hospital regulations are getting stronger and certifications are becoming required in the majority of states for standard procedures ~Establishes you as a leading Certified Medical Esthetics® & MediEsthetics Member! 
                                                                                ~Arm Yourself with Protection of your Career and Future!
(Complete to have invoice sent & agree to all terms) Registration confirmed via email & prep manual shipped
Secure Mail: Medical Esthetics, Inc.
Secure Box 9538
Fleming Island, FL 32006-0300

Medical Esthetics contact: info@medical-esthetics.org
Note- Balances due to educators offices Registration is confirmed, home study prep is sent Medical Esthetics®- The Official Manual Workshops & Prep classes include Certificate of Attendance and CEU hours for Medical Esthetics Certification renewal.
All Medical Esthetics Member Educators offer- Medical Esthetics Certification- available post class!
The Only Workshops that gives You the Keys to bring Your Practice to the Next Level! Incl. Home Study Prep Manual!
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